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About Us

Our community’s success is our business. The focus of the Madison County Chamber centers on our role as the go-to organization to serve as the catalyst for community & economic development. We exist to connect our citizens, organizations, and businesses with the resources they need to make Madison County thrive.


We passionately strive to develop a pro-business climate that serves as the catalyst for economic and community development that complements our agricultural roots in Madison County, GA.


To create a thriving economy that improves the quality of life for all in Madison County, GA by continuous cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships between businesses, government and the community.

value statements

  • Building and enhancing community values
  • Engagement and service to members.
  • Strong leadership which recognizes the diverse needs of membership and community.
  • Collaboration with community partners in pursuit of improved economic development.

Our Purpose

Our Plan of Work centers around achieving the following:

  • strengthening our local economy by promoting the community’s assets
  • providing networking opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded businesses for shared success
  • recruiting new businesses that diversify our local economy
  • encouraging member-to-member collaborations for enhanced business exposure
  • convening leaders & influencers to impact lasting change
  • investing in your professional development and other educational needs
  • advocating for you on legislative issues impacting small businesses
  • growing tomorrow’s community and business leaders

Our Plan of Work

Our Plan of Work is carried out through various committees:

Agricultural Promotions Committee

  • Goal 1: Provide a united voice for all agricultural sectors in Madison County.
  • Goal 2: Educate the community on agriculture’s role as the top economic driver in Madison County (especially with being first in FGV).
  • Goal 3: Encourage a culture of appreciation for agriculture among all citizens in Madison County.
  • Goal 4: Promote new, local markets/economies for agribusinesses.
  • Goal 5: Directly market Chamber member products to consumers.

Events & Marketing Committee

  • Goal 1: Organize and promote the Chamber’s signature events.
  • Goal 2: Generate additional funds for the Chamber through fundraising events that promote our members (per their membership tier) while engaging the community.
  • Goal 3: Position the Chamber as the organization that brands the community through MADICO MADE.

Government Affairs Committee

  • Goal 1: Promote pro-business climate throughout the County and collaborate with other Chamber committees as appropriate.
  • Goal 2: Encourage members to honor civic duties.
  • Goal 3: Present updates on issues important to the citizens of Madison County while maintaining political neutrality.
  • Goal 4: Facilitate positive and productive strategic planning discussions for the benefit for all sectors of economy and community.

Leadership Development Committee

  • Goal 1: Serve as a steering committee for the adult leadership program.
  • Goal 2: Serve as a steering committee for the youth leadership program.
  • Goal 3: Recognize outstanding and promising young professionals.

Membership Development Committee

  • Goal 1: Recruiting new members to the Chamber.
  • Goal 2: Retaining existing Chamber members.
  • Goal 3: Evaluating membership benefits/tier packages to ensure they are meeting members’ needs.
  • Goal 4: Investing in our members through networking events and professional development opportunities.

Small Business Development Committee

  • Goal 1: Establish a culture of “community over competition” among Chamber membership and the business community.
  • Goal 2: To organize and promote shop local/ shop Chamber initiatives.

Workforce Development & Education Committee

  • Goal 1: To connect the school system (especially the Broad River College and Career Academy) with Chamber members and other local employers so that Work-Based Learning placement and apprenticeship opportunities are expanded for students.
  • Goal 2: To market and communicate all the accomplishments of the school system (especially the Broad River College and Career Academy) to Chamber members, local employers, and the entire community under the #MadiCoMadeWorkforce brand.
  • Goal 3: Leverage relationships with Chamber members and other educational entities to aid in addressing work ethic and employability concerns among students
  • Goal 4: Foster a culture change within the school system and the community that is more receptive to technical school as a post-secondary education pathway for students.
  • Goal 5: Partner with the Broad River College and Career Academy and Athens Technical College to provide continuing education opportunities for Chamber member employers/employees.