The Madison County board of Education operates five elementary schools, one middle school and one comprehensive high school. Average enrollment for the school year 2012-2013 was 4,786.

A school bond referendum was passed in May 1991 to renovate and remodel all of the education establishments in the county except Danielsville Elementary School which was replaced with a new facility next to the ninth grade academy. Funding for Danielsville Elementary was provided from the State Capital Outlay Program.

In November 1997, citizens approved a one percent special local options sales tax to build a new elementary school in the Hull-Sanford area and to build additional classrooms and do renovations at several of the existing facilities. The tax is expected to generate approximately $7 million over the five-year term and will result in a one mill rollback of property taxes in the county.

March 2003 80% of the voters approved another round of Special Purpose Local Option Sales tax for additional classrooms and a super nice sports complex.

2005 over 80% of the voters approved an extension of Special Purpose Local Option Sales tax to build a new middle school with state capital outlay program providing approximately ½ the funds and SPLOST providing the other ½ funds.

In cooperation with Athens Technical College, Clake County and Elbert County Schools, Madsion County School District applied for a grant which will create a regional college and career academy to be located on the campus of Madison County High School.  The mission of the proposed academy, Reginal Advanced Agriculture-Industry College and Career Academy (RAAICCA), is “Graduating Independent, Productive Citizens” by preparing students for college and careers.

On December 6, 2012, Georgia’s Lt. Governor Cassy Cagle announced the RAAICCA partners will receive $3.65 million to create the new college and career academy.

Special education classes are offered on all levels from preschool through high school, and Fine Finish Training Center on Georgia 98 near Danielsville provides services for disabled children and adults of all ages.

A Head Start Program is in Danielsville, and there are a number of private day car centers in the county. Several state funded Pre-K programs are available.

There are several private schools nearby including Athens Academy, Athens Christian School, Prince Avenue Baptist Christian School, and St. Joseph’s Catholic School.